Tips for Managing Weight Gain During Pregnancy

In an ideal scenario, all women would achieve a slow and steady weight gain during pregnancy. This minimises health risks to both mother and baby and increases the likelihood of losing those extra kgs post delivery. The optimal way of doing this is by consuming a balanced, nutrient rich diet and partaking in regular bouts of moderate exercise.

Pregnant women should start every day with a healthy, balanced breakfast, eat fibre-rich foods, choose whole grain bread, rice and pasta where possible, eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables a day and be mindful of portion sizes.  For most women pregnancy is not the time to initiate a low calorie diet (or in fact, a diet of any sort) or a vigorous exercise routine. However, obese women (BMI of over 30 before pregnancy) should modify their diet and get more exercise to lower their risk of gestational diabetes. Anyone who is worried should speak to their doctor about the safest way of managing their weight during pregnancy.

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