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Empowering you to manage your health, your way

Access all of the information you need to make informed decisions about your health. Discover clinician and research-led hints and tips on a wide range of topics, from fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, to chronic disease management and consumer health products. Think there’s a topic we’ve missed? Email your suggestions to [email protected]

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Hints & Tips
Am I Pregnant

Accuracy of Home Pregnancy Tests

Taking an at home pregnancy test is often the first thing a female will do if she suspects that she is pregnant. With modern kits claiming reliable results from as early as four days before menstruation (menses) is due to start, they are considered...

Kate Dudek

December 11, 2019 . 5 min read

Hints & Tips

Will Taking the Pill Increase my Risk of Developing Cancer?

It is estimated that as many as 140 million women worldwide take the oral contraceptive pill. It is a simple, effective way for a female to control her own fertility and has also been utilised as a treatment for heavy periods, acne and...

Kate Dudek

December 9, 2019 . 5 min read

Hints & Tips

Benefits of Breastfeeding for the Mother

The benefits of breastfeeding are firmly established for babies, but did you know that breastfeeding can have long-term benefits for the nursing mother too? In those first few days of breastfeeding, your early attempts to breastfeed stimulate the...

Bundoo®. Edited by Dr. Kate Dudek

. 2 min read

Week 30
Hints & Tips

Your Pregnancy, Week 30

Just 10 weeks to go! How are you feeling? Ready?

By Dr. Jen Lincoln (Bundoo®). Edited by Dr. Kate Dudek

. 3 min read

Hints & Tips

What Does Having Group B Strep Mean for my Pregnancy?

Streptococcus agalactiae, otherwise known as Group B Strep (GBS), is a bacteria that approximately 20-25% of pregnant women have in their vagina and rectum. Carrying this bacteria does not mean that you have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or...

Dr. Jen Lincoln (Bundoo®). Edited by Dr. Kate Dudek

December 8, 2019 . 3 min read

Week 29
Hints & Tips

Your Pregnancy, Week 29

If you feel like you’ve gained another 5 KGs during

Dr. Jen Lincoln (Bundoo®). Edited by Dr. Kate Dudek

December 5, 2019 . 3 min read