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Evidence-based advice and support

Empowering you to manage your health, your way

Access all of the information you need to make informed decisions about your health. Discover clinician and research-led hints and tips on a wide range of topics, from fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, to chronic disease management and consumer health products. Think there’s a topic we’ve missed? Email your suggestions to [email protected]

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Hints & Tips

What is Puberty?

Puberty is defined as the time when a child’s body starts to change and develop as they go from childhood to adulthood. As well as significant physical changes, it is also a time of extensive emotional development, which brings with it fluctuating...

Dr. Kate Dudek

September 24, 2019 . 3 min read

Hints & Tips
Breast Cancer

Is Pregnancy Linked to Developing Cervical Cancer?

The Lancet is one of the most widely read and well regarded medical journals and, as a result, work that gets published within it is generally considered to be high quality and scientifically robust. In 2002, the Lancet published the results of a...

Dr. Kate Dudek

September 23, 2019 . 4 min read

Hints & Tips
Postnatal Care

Why am I Losing my Hair After Giving Birth?

After giving birth, there are a lot of things you expect to lose. Some, like excess weight, you may hope to shed rapidly; others, like a full night’s sleep, you may really struggle with. One thing you may not expect to lose though, is your hair....

Dr. Jen Lincoln (Bundoo®). Edited by Dr. Kate Dudek

. 2 min read

Hints & Tips
Postnatal Care

Can Exercise Help to Relieve Postnatal Depression? 

Depression after the birth of a baby, called postnatal or postpartum depression (PND), is common. Thought to affect between 10 and 20% of new mothers, some of the main symptoms are frequent crying, a feeling of listlessness and tiredness, and an...

Dr. Kate Dudek

September 22, 2019 . 5 min read

General Health

5 Reasons why you may be Experiencing Vaginal Dryness

Normally the walls lining the vagina are kept lubricated by

Dr. Kate Dudek

September 18, 2019 . 8 min read

Hints & Tips

Charting Your Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

A female’s menstrual cycle lasts from the first day of menstruation to the day before her next period starts. For women who have a very regular 28 day cycle, ovulation will usually occur around day 15, which is approximately 2 weeks before the...

Asvini Prakash

. 4 min read