Test yourself from the comfort of your own home.

How does it work?

Book, test, review, react - all from the safety of your home.


Book your test

Depending on your health goal, Aya, will recommend blood tests to check for hormonal imbalances or other key deficiencies.


Take your test

Your test kit and/or phlebotomist will arrive at your home at the time you have requested. Test kits can be used in your own time, with sample collection arranged for the same day. Samples are processed by one of our local, accredited lab partners.


Get your results

You will be notified by Aya when your test results have been shared. Any abnormal results will be clearly flagged. Additional feedback, including recommended next steps, will be provided by a locally registered specialist.


Track and act

Based on your test results, Aya will provide tailored advice to help you correct any imbalances or deficiencies. Aya will also recommend any follow-up tests if your results suggest a specific underlying health condition requiring diagnosis.

Book a test now

Wellness Test

399 AED

Tired all the time? Unexplained weight gain? Find out why with our easy Well Woman test.

Fertility Test

449 AED

Irregular periods? Unable to conceive? Want to know if you're perimenopausal? Take our Fertility test.


You don’t need to be a healthcare professional to understand you results. Delivered to you via the Nabta app, all of your test results will be clearly labelled as “normal” or “abnormal”, and for any abnormalities, help is just a click away.

Personalised reports

Feedback accompanying your test results will be tailored to support your health goals.

Trustworthy advice

Insights from our accredited healthcare professionals will be supplemented by impartial advice from Aya.

Action plans

Any recommended adjustments will be supported with access to digital tools and programs.


No more sitting around for hours in sterile waiting rooms feeling exposed and vulnerable. This is testing without the bruising, fainting, or extortionate appointment fees. Experience the next generation of testing.



Your stress could be impacting your child’s well-being.

Anxious and jittery?

Your thyroid gland could be producing an excessive amount of thyroid hormone.

Sudden weight gain?

You could be suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

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