Who is the Nabta app for?

Nabta is an app to support women through key stages of their lives – puberty, fertility, pregnancy, menopause – and overall health and wellbeing. There are four modes in the app and from your interaction with Aya, our AI-powered health assistant, you will be placed in the most suitable mode to achieve your goals. You can change your mode at any time by clicking on the settings menu. 

The four modes of the Nabta app are:

1 – Get Fit and Healthy:

Making your health, fitness and wellbeing goals achievable all in one place. Everything you need to live your healthiest life. 

Key features include: workouts for all abilities, weight management, and integrations with wearable devices.

2 – Track My Cycle:

We’ll help you to conceive or avoid becoming pregnant. Access wellness tests and fertility devices to optimise your health and give you the best chance of pregnancy, if, and when, that’s what your goal is.

Key features include: an in-built cycle tracker, an integrated FDA-approved, CE certified medical device that detects ovulation with 99% accuracy, and integrated at-home blood tests to check your current health status via Nabta Care (COMING SOON).

3 – Monitor My Pregnancy:

Discover and understand your pregnancy. See your baby’s progress with our augmented reality foetus encounter. Log all of your pregnancy symptoms, and receive the best advice & support, you’ll have everything you need to prepare for your new arrival.

Key features include: an augmented reality foetus encounter, a birth plan builder, and pregnancy workouts.

4 – Prepare for Menopause:

For you to take control of menopause, not the other way around. Log your symptoms, check your vitamin & mineral levels, and discover the best advice to support you through this transformative period. Everything you need to look and feel like you.

Key features include: a symptom tracker for perimenopause, hundreds of tips and advice, and integrated at-home blood tests to check your health status and hormone levels via Nabta Care (COMING SOON).

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