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Our team of experienced midwives is available at all hours of the day to answer your questions about pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Want to build a birth plan? Worried about pain relief during labour? We can help.

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For answers to all your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum questions
“It is only through educating and empowering women that we will then see the transformation in their families and in their communities – in turn creating a world that we want our children to grow up in.”
Jo Parkington, Midwife

Praise for our midwives

From a growing community of couples who are taking back control.

Maternal Care FAQs

We have partnered with Birth Like A Boss to bring the best of midwifery-led care to the Middle East. Founded by two exceptional midwives with over 35 years’ experience between them, Birth Like A Boss offers best-in-class care to women in the UAE and beyond.

We use Premium Chat, a secure messaging service for professionals around the world. Premium Chat does not store your medical data or records. The idea is that you chat, in a private and autonomous way, with qualified medical professionals in order to sleep a little more easily at night. No more relying on online forums and trying to make sense of conflicting opinions (no matter how comforting they are at times).

You can chat for 1 minute at a time for up to 20 minutes. If you hit 20 minutes and want to keep on chatting, you can ask for an extension – the choice is yours!

In order to use our chat services, you will be required to register an account with Premium Chat. You can do this using your email address or one of your existing social media accounts. Registration is quick and easy – you don’t even need to leave our site!

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I welcomed my bundle of joy on Friday 11pm. Thanks to you guys for giving me better insight.

....it's so amazing, I have gained important and valuable knowledge...god bless you for sharing the knowledge

So what are you waiting for? When you only pay for the minutes you use, you don't have an awful lot to lose.