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Beauty Treats IMMUNITY Collagen Cookies

Ginger and Turmeric

Sweet and spicy at the same time, Beauty Treats’ IMMUNITY cookies are an explosion of energy and anti-inflammatory benefits.

The extracts of Ginger and Turmeric powder combine their antioxidant benefits along with the youthfulness and hydrating benefits of the hydrolized collagen peptides and added Vitamin C.

About Beauty Treats

Beauty Treats was founded by Chiara Seidenade to serve the beauty-full needs of women in the UAE and beyond.

"With the first signs of aging, I started digging into natural ways to slow down this process, trying to fight the standard “botox look”. Collagen has been the supplement that has given me the most visible results in terms of the firmness and glow of my skin, but also in terms of support for my muscles and joints.

"Our collagen cookies are the all in one solution for every woman that wants to take care of her nutrition and beauty at the same time.

"Beauty Treats' aim is to come as a practical snack solution ''on the glow'' to support all busy working women like me. It is a product that comes from a woman to all women, that wants to inspire every woman to enhance her natural beauty and avoid (or at least delay) expensive and unnecessary surgeries, fillers, and botox. Prevention rather than treatment is the key. Beauty that starts from within, because it's the way we eat that keeps us youthful."

Why Choose us?

By Women For Women

Designed to enhance and celebrate the natural beauty of women

Packed Full of Collagen

Promoting healthy hair, skin and nails as well as joint health

All Natural, No Nasties

Ingredients you'd find in a kitchen, not a chemistry lab

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Beauty Treats IMMUNITY Collagen Cookies

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