OvuSense Fertility and Ovulation Monitor

The OvuSense real-time fertility monitor is the world’s No. 1 at-home fertility monitor.

Up to 99% clinically proven accuracy in the prediction and detection of ovulation. Clinically proven in 185,000+ menstrual cycles tracked in women trying to conceive. Easy to use, it syncs directly with the Nabta app, and is effective in women of all cycle types – regular, irregular, with or without hormonal imbalances.

92% would recommend OvuSense to a friend.

Available in: United Arab Emirates only.

Clinically Proven

OvuSense was developed by specialists and is backed by over 175,000 cycles of use, 2 clinical trials and 6 peer-reviewed publications, confirming the medical basis for core body temperature monitoring.

Live Predictions

Unlike any other monitor, OvuSense can alert you up to 24-hours before you ovulate based on your in-cycle data. Accurate 96% of the time, this gives you more time to try to get pregnant each cycle.

8 Day Fertile Window

In addition to accurate ovulation predictions, OvuSense provides a 99% accurate, full eight-day fertile window at the start of each cycle – helping you take back control of planning for pregnancy.

Certified, Safe and Effective

OvuSense is the only fertility monitor on the market with full regulatory approval in the USA (510k), Europe (CE), Canada, Australia and the UAE. Why trust your cycle to anyone else when you can use OvuSense?

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OvuSense Fertility and Ovulation Monitor

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