Postnatal Yoga Package

Postnatal yoga is a style of yoga that addresses the physical, mental and emotional challenges of being a new mother, as well as the aftermath of the pregnancy.

Book 5 x Postnatal Yoga sessions with a certified instructor


Book 10 x Postnatal Yoga sessions with a certified instructor

Yoga poses focus on helping new mothers tone their bodies and regain their figure, relieve stress, and even bond with their newborns.

Fulfilled in partnership with Awake Wellness.

Choose virtual sessions or in-person availability in Dubai, UAE

Postnatal Yoga

In this 75 min session, you are able to rebuild your full pelvic floor integrity, strengthen your back muscles, and learn how to relax your neck of tensions.

How does it Work?
  1. Book a package of 5 or 10 sessions x 75 min / (valid 3 months)
  2. Organise with the instructors the planning

With the guidance of our experienced Postnatal yoga instructor, you will be able to enhance your Mind-body connection and grow a deeper connection with your newborn.

Yoga instructors will guide you through a sequence of breathing, targeted stretches, exercises, and guided relaxation where you will enhance the connection with your transforming body and create a deeper communication with your growing baby.

Support your body with the tools to go through a healthy and peaceful pregnancy. 

About Awake Wellness

Awake wellness was founded in 2019 by Magali Le Normand to support women in their health journey while increasing their wellbeing and happiness.

"Our mission is to help women to create the version of themselves hat makes them feel vibrant and in harmony with life's circumstances. The Awake well-being programs focus on relieve stress, ease anxiety, managing pain, increase a healthy lifestyle and a positive mindset".

"Our goal is to empower women with tools and strategies to adjust their lifestyle, diet, and mindset and age gracefully in balance with their environment and with their responsibilities".

"We integrate a holistic approach for effective therapeutic results such as Naturopathy, NLP Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Breathing Techniques, Emotional awareness and Movement. We bring focus on the mind-body-energy connection and its coherence on the modern women' daily life; health, career, relationships & realisation."

Why Choose us?

Personalized Programs

Tailored programs built upon your personal needs and objectives.

Integrative wellness

Global approach to wellness with your health at heart

Experienced Team

Enjoy our experts guidance while staying in the comfort of your home.

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Postnatal Yoga Package

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