Sustainable Selfcare Starter Pack

The perfect eco-box for anyone choosing to lead a conscious lifestyle. This selfcare pack includes a range of skincare products designed to help you establish a healthy selfcare routine. Accompanied by an organic multi-purpose coconut oil and a bamboo dry brush to detoxify your skin and clear your mind after a stressful week. 

Whether you’re a skincare junkie or someone looking to simply get into mindful selfcare practices, this box is for you!

Curated by and fulfilled in partnership with Beauty Binge.

Available in: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.

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  • Why Clean Beauty?
Trial Skincare Kit

The best way to start your clean journey with this particular curation of organic, plant-based skincare without committing to its full sizes. 

Organic Coconut Oil

Convenient travel-ready tubes filled with 100% certified organic, fair trade, cold-pressed coconut oil, which means you won’t find any artificial ingredients, fillers, fragrances, or unnatural preservatives lurking about. Our coconut oil is made in small batches and never touches a piece of machinery and wouldn’t dream of touching an animal in the process either!

Bamboo Dry Brush

Dry brushing is an essential (and energising!) step for your skincare routine. It’s like a juice cleanse for your body. Made from all natural bamboo and sisal, our dry brush gently exfoliates dead skin to leave your skin looking radiant, rejuvenated, and glowing.

Trial Skincare Kit

Contains miniature products of: 1 Free - Rejuvenating Herbal Gel Cleanser (14 g, .5 oz) 1 Adapt - Bio Balance Tonique (4 g, .14 oz) 1 Smooth A+ - Correcting Serum (14 g, .5 oz) 1 Refine - Clay Renewal Treatment (14 g, .5 oz) 1 Flawless - Anti-Blemish Equalizing Oil Serum (6 g, .2 oz).

Organic Coconut Oil

00% Usda Organic, Fair Trade Certified™, Virgin, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil.

Bamboo Dry Brush

All natural bamboo and sisal.

Having a solid skincare regimen is key to maintaining the elasticity and radiance of your skin. However, the sheer range of beauty products can often overwhelm us and prevent us from choosing products that our skin really needs.

Wasteage is a huge problem in the skincare world; we purchase so many products blindly only to discard them when they don’t fare well with our skin. 

That is why we recommend buying clean beauty products that you can’t go wrong with – products small and compact enough that you can trial them before diving head first into purchasing the full-sized versions. Similarly, we highly encourage multi-purpose products that are both cost-effective and travel friendly. Our organic coconut oil has more than 20 different uses from hair care and skincare, to dental care and as a digestive aid.

About Beauty Binge

Beauty Binge was founded by Minal Siyal in June 2020, amidst a global pandemic.

“Beauty Binge is a by-product of my personal health journey and on-going battle with PCOS. Having struggled with the impact of commercial and toxic ingredients for most of my teenage and young adult life, I decided to pursue a path that I could relate to and also one where I could give back to the community. It was not an easy decision to launch a self-funded business during a global health crisis, but these difficult times have definitely created a new, global desire for clean living.

"Since launch, our goal has been to drive awareness on quality and clean ingredients versus those that eventually have an adverse effect on our health, and especially women’s health. In this day and age where hormonal concerns are seen in almost every household, it is imperative that we educate ourselves on things that help to enhance our health, inside and out.

"Our goal at Beauty Binge is to ensure clean beauty isn’t just for the select few, but can be made accessible and affordable for all. We will continue this mission by supporting other clean businesses as the benefits of such extend not just to individuals, but to the wider community and the environment at large. "

Why Choose us?

Cruelty-free, organic, vegan

Our products are not just good for you but for the environment too

Affordable and accessible

Our wide range of clean essentials ensure we have something for everyone


We do the clean checks for you, so you can binge responsibly

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Sustainable Selfcare Starter Pack

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