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Breast Cancer

Skin Benefits of Pro-Vitamin B5

Kate Dudek
March 3, 2019 . 2 min read

During chemotherapy the skin often becomes inflamed, dry and painful. The protective skin barrier can become compromised, leaving the skin vulnerable to further damage.

Using the right products can help to relieve the irritation and discomfort of dry skin, as well as repairing the weakened skin barrier.

The Ozalys products are designed to combat some of the physical symptoms of cancer, as well as minimising the damage caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Each ingredient is carefully selected to provide maximum benefit. One of these ingredients is Pro-Vitamin B5. Also known as panthenol, Pro-Vitamin B5 is a highly effective humectant, reducing water loss through the skin and, thus, restoring hydration.

In addition to functioning as an effective moisturiser, Pro-Vitamin B5 also has regenerative properties. Studies have shown that when the skin barrier is damaged, Pro-Vitamin B5 can accelerate repair and reduce roughness and inflammation. When applied to the skin, Pro-Vitamin B5 is converted into pantothenic acid, which is a component of the coenzyme A synthesis process. Coenzyme A helps to synthesise the fatty acids and lipids that comprise the outer layer of the skin, the stratum corneum.

The Ozalys Gentle Care Scalp and Body Shower Cream contains Pro-Vitamin B5. Developed to protect the scalp following chemotherapy-induced hair loss, this product also provides soothing relief to dry, painful skin. In addition to Pro-vitamin B5, it contains Aquacacteen and glycerine, which are both highly effective moisturisers. To ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness, the product should be thoroughly massaged into the skin.

About Ozalys

Ozalys’ products have been designed with women who have been affected by cancer in mind. Ozalys allows women to continue to care for themselves every day using products that innovate through their formulas, optimal absorption and packaging. Ozalys’ specially-formulated solutions are catered for physiological conditions that cause dermal sensitivity, or for the side effects of certain treatments that may result in olfactory and dermal ultra-sensitivity.

Ozalys’ personal hygiene, face and body care products have all been developed with the utmost care, minimising preservatives and excluding all substances suspected of being harmful to the body. Their highly soothing, moisturising and protective properties, as well as their delicate application and scent, turn daily beauty routines into moments of well-being and comfort.


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