A Need for Earlier Ovarian Cancer Detection 

The lack of specific symptoms continues to be a driving factor in the late diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Only 20% of cases are detected early, and this is due to ineffective screening strategies to date.

To highlight the importance of early detection, the overall 5-year survival rate for ovarian cancer is 47%, but this becomes 92% when detected early.  There is promising evidence that the serum levels of a naturally occurring protein, CA-125, are elevated in the blood of women with ovarian cancer.  However, this is only statistically significant in late stage ovarian cancer and high serum levels of CA-125 are also associated with non-related conditions such as endometriosis and inflammatory pelvic disorder.  Whilst higher than normal levels of CA-125 may be used as a marker for reproductive disorders, a transvaginal ultrasound (TVUS) remains the most reliable test for specific ovarian cancer detection.

Further research is needed for more accurate and early screening strategies to improve ovarian cancer prognosis.

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