Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth 

Diatomaceous Earth 

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring, soft sedimentary rock. It can be easily crumbled and is usually 80-90% silica, which is the major constituent of sand. It is mined extensively for use as a filtration aid, but is also used as a mild abrasive in cleaning products. Including toothpastes, an insecticide and a stabilising component of explosives.

An additional usage of diatomaceous earth is for deodorising unpleasant smells. The porous structure means that it absorbs bad odours. This gives rise to its use in deodorants, as a natural, chemical-free way of eliminating body odour. As described here, deodorants minimise odour, without reducing sweat production, meaning they do not contain aluminium. Many women make the choice to avoid aluminium-containing products. However, using a deodorant that contains natural ingredients and no chemicals is one way of doing that.

Advantages of using Diatomaceous earth

The advantage to using diatomaceous earth is that it is close to pH neutral, so it very unlikely to irritate sensitive skin. Women who have undergone chemotherapy are particularly prone to dry, painful skin. Therefore, should look for cosmetic products that will not only provide soothing relief, but also avoid aggravating the condition further. The Ozalys Smoothing Care Deodorant Cream contains moisturising ingredients as well as diatomaceous earth. This will soothe skin that is already inflamed, without contributing further to the problem.

About Ozalys

Ozalys’ products have been designed with women who have been affected by cancer in mind. Ozalys allows women to continue to care for themselves every day using products that innovate through their formulas, optimal absorption and packaging. It’s specially-formulated solutions are catered for physiological conditions that cause dermal sensitivity, or for the side effects of certain treatments that may result in olfactory and dermal ultra-sensitivity.
It’s personal hygiene, face and body care products have all been developed with the utmost care, minimising preservatives and excluding all substances suspected of being harmful to the body. Their highly soothing, moisturising and protective properties, as well as their delicate application and scent, turn daily beauty routines into moments of well-being and comfort.


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