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How do I Keep my Child Safe in a Shopping Cart?

According to a new study from Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, thousands of children are injured each year from riding in shopping carts. In fact, researchers estimate that 66 children are treated in emergency departments each day for shopping cart-related injuries. Here are a few tips to keep your child safe:

Avoid placing infants on the top of shopping carts. Try to use a stroller, bring a friend to care for your child, or if possible, leave your child at home with your spouse or a sitter.

Always use the cart safety strap, and make sure it is tightly fastened.

For toddlers and preschoolers, choose a cart that is low to the ground, if available.

Do not turn your back on the cart or your child, even for a few seconds.

Keep your child only in the shopping cart seat, not the basket or riding on the back of the cart.

Shopping cart injuries can be severe, including broken bones, concussions, neck injuries, and even death. Be sure to stay vigilant, and keep these dangers in mind when shopping with your child.

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