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How Long Should our Baby Stay in our Room at Night?

As long as you have a baby monitor to listen to your child crying in the middle of the night, you could allow your baby to sleep in their own room from day one.

However, most parents feel more comfortable knowing that their newborn baby is right beside them, at least for the first several weeks of life. If you are a light sleeper and wake up to every small sound that your baby makes, then moving your baby into their own room sooner rather than later may allow you some much needed rest.

Don’t worry, you will still wake up to your baby crying as the monitor will be right beside you. If you are the type to worry all night that your baby is far away in his or her own room, then by all means, keep your baby in your room.

Some moms who are breastfeeding like to have their babies in a bassinet right next to the bed to make nursing easier in the middle of the night. Other parents keep their children in their rooms until they are toddlers or even older. The ultimate decision to move your baby out of your room depends on you and your readiness as a family.

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