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Is it Normal to Leak Urine After Having a Baby?

It can be normal to leak urine occasionally during pregnancy or after giving birth, and this is called urinary incontinence. Many women will notice small leakage after activities such as laughing, coughing, or sneezing. This is related to the weakened pelvic floor muscles. In addition, if you had a vaginal laceration or episiotomy, had a very large baby, pushed for a long time, or delivered via the use of a vacuum or forceps, you may have sustained some damage to the nerves in the pelvis, which can lead to some urine leakage.

Doing kegel exercises and giving time for your body to heal is often all that is needed, but if you are leaking large amounts of urine or it is keeping you from doing your everyday activities, you should be seen by your doctor. Your provider can do an exam to see if any other problems exist, such as bladder dysfunction, a urinary tract infection, or even a fistula (where an abnormal path connects the bladder or urethra to the vagina) and make treatment recommendations based on what they find.

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