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My Newborn Doesn’t Want to Nurse Consistently. is it Normal?

Some days it may seem like you are nursing for hours on end! It is very common for your newborn to have periods of the day when he or she nurses back-to-back. This is referred to as “cluster feeding” and often occurs in the evening or overnight (when you are really, really tired).

It’s tempting to think that your baby is feeding like this because you are not producing enough milk, but it is simply not true! Cluster feeding is your baby’s way of gradually increasing your milk production. The more your baby feeds, the more milk your body will make. Try not to get discouraged when this happens. If your baby is a cluster feeder, try to catch a nap and eat a meal before this time of day because it can be physically and emotionally tiresome.

At other times, your baby who has just cluster fed all night may sleep for a prolonged stretch of time. You may find yourself wondering if you should wake your little one because she was due for a feeding an hour ago. If the pediatrician has told you that your baby is gaining weight well and is healthy, you do not need to wake him or her to nurse.

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