SPF Properties of Natural Oils

The sun produces ultraviolet (UV) rays, which are damaging to the skin, causing premature signs of aging and increasing the risk of skin cancer. The best way of protecting against sun-induced damage is to regularly apply natural oils sunscreen. All sunscreen has a sun protection factor (SPF); the higher the SPF the more effective the protection against UV damage.

The oils found naturally in fruit and vegetable seeds have been found to provide some protection against UV rays. Whilst too unstable to be used on their own, when combined with other ingredients, these oils have many properties that make them ideal for use on the skin. They are light, low in viscosity and less occlusive, meaning that they can be easily absorbed by the skin.

Natural-based sunscreen

Many natural-based sunscreens already contain oil extracts, including almond, avocado, coconut, cottonseed, olive, peanut, sesame and soybean. Due to their hydrating properties, natural oils such as these, provide soothing and non-toxic relief to those with dry or hypersensitive skin. It can be caused by eczema, or following chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.  Adding these oils to moisturisers not only enhances the nourishing properties, but also provides a small amount of daily sun protection.  Almond oil, for example, has an SPF of almost 5. It is found in the Ozalys Soothing Care Soft Scalp Milk. Developed to soothe and moisturise the delicate skin of the scalp after hair loss, this product is ideal for use before, during and after sun exposure.


Please note that whilst it is always advisable to use additional protective measures, such as a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. However, hats and scarves help, care should be taken when choosing a sunscreen. Those with hypersensitive skin should avoid sunscreens that contain chemical filters, such as oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate. As these compounds can penetrate the skin, producing free radicals and, ultimately, causing more damage to the underlying cells. Instead, select products designed for use on sensitive skin, which are free from harsh chemicals, yet still provide sufficient UV protection.

About Ozalys

Ozalys’ products have been designed with women who have been affected by cancer in mind. Ozalys allows women to continue to care for themselves every day using products. That innovate through their formulas, optimal absorption and packaging. It’s specially-formulated solutions are catered for physiological conditions that cause dermal sensitivity. It is also for the side effects of certain treatments that may result in olfactory and dermal ultra-sensitivity.

It’s personal hygiene, face and body care products have all been developed with the utmost care. Minimising preservatives and excluding all substances suspected of being harmful to the body. Their highly soothing, moisturising and protective properties. As well as their delicate application and scent, turn daily beauty routines into moments of well-being and comfort.


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