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Who can Help me Learn to Breastfeed?

Who can help me learn to Breastfeed
  • There are lots of sources of help when you want to learn to breastfeed your newborn.
  • Learn to breastfeed is often tricky and many mothers find it is a skill that has to be learnt by both the mum and the baby.
  • Get advice from the start from a qualified nurse, midwife or lactation consultant.
  • Make sure you have the baby at the right height and angle- a pillow can help.

Who can you ask for help with breastfreeding?

After delivery, ask to see whoever provides breastfeeding counseling as soon as possible. Most hospitals have lactation consultants on staff that can see you while you are in the hospital and again after you leave for additional visits. They will work with you and your infant to secure a good latch and to problem-solve any issues you might have. They often have supplies on hand to make those first few days easier. They may even set up additional home or hospital visits for you after you go home.

You can get plenty of advice from well written guides that are readily available online. You can also get a video consultation online with a trained lactation consultant. Book one from the comfort of your own home using the Nabta shop here.

A quick guide for getting the right latch:

  • Bring your baby close with their face and tummy facing your chest and at nose level with the nipple.
  • Tip your baby’s head back so their mouth is opened wide.
  • Position your baby’s chin into your breast below the nipple and their lip nudging over the top of the nipple, with their head tipped back so that as much of the nipple can go as possible.
  • Keep the nose away from the nipple.
  • More of the nipple skin will show above above your baby’s top lip than below.

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