Organic Ultrathin Sanitary Pads

Introducing Lizzom all-natural, organic sanitary pads. The pads are hypoallergenic, vegan, antibacterial, plastic-free, unscented, super absorbent, and leakproof. Organic, chemical-free pads have been known to help alleviate rashes and odours associated with traditional, chemical-rich period products.

ULTRATHIN, SUPER SOFT, POWERFULLY ABSORBENT – Corn fiber makes them soft and silky. Bamboo fiber makes pads more absorbent and breathable than cotton.

MAKE THE SUSTAINABLE SWAP– These pads are biodegradable. Bamboo is easily grown organically and at a low cost, requiring 1/3 the amount of water as cotton, saving natural resources.

Available in: United Arab Emirates only.

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In addition to our CSR policy, for every pack of LiZZOM you buy, LiZZOM pledges to gift 1 pad to an underprivileged girl.

Suitable for all skin types and all ages. SAY YES, To a chemical-free approach! These pads ensure that your periods are rash free, irritation free and infection free. Soft and comfortable products with the goodness of bio plastic makes them environment friendly.

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  • Twin Pack (20 pcs) 
  • Pack of 3 (30 pcs)
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  • Regular with wings
  • Large with wings

Patented and FSC certified (# FSC STD 40-004), anti-microbial, odor-free, super absorbent, natural bamboo and cotton top sheet. Pulp and SAP layers for maximum absorption. Bottom leak-proof compostable (OK compost certified) protective layer made from corn starch plastic (PBA and PBA). All Pads are individually wrapped.

FIVE LAYERS of super dry protection.
  1. The top sheet is made from organic certified bamboo and corn fiber.
  2. The second sheet is made of pulp.
  3. The middle layer is made of sap.
  4. The fourth layer is also made of pulp.
  5. The bottom, leak-proof layer ensures protection with compostable corn starch sheets.
Why choose organic?

Period is a dirty word. Sadly, the industry even dirtier. What does that really mean?

Sanitary napkins are made entirely of synthetic materials and plastic that take over 400 to 500 years for the environment to break down. With over 3,000 to 5,000 napkins used over a lifetime of a woman, this means a basic sanitary napkin used perhaps 130 years ago is still around.

Because Sanitary Napkins are classified under the category ‘medical products’ companies are exempt from listing their ingredients. A generic napkin is created using cotton, harmful dioxins, toxins and plastic. Conventional cotton is grown using insecticides and pesticides that don’t just put our health at risk but also endanger the ecosystems around them whilst pulling on vast amount of resources.

Organic cotton is a much cleaner raw material than conventional cotton but it also requires a large amount of resources to produce. That’s why Lizzom chose Organic Bamboo and Corn to create a cleaner, safer, more absorbent and compostable sanitary napkin.

About LiZZOM

Founded in Nov 2019 following the loss of a friend to uterine cancer, LiZZOM was established to educate women about the negative side-effects of chemical-rich period products and to give them a healthy alternative.

"We developed LiZZOM after extensively researching and studying menstrual hygiene and the impact of sanitary products on women and the environment. Data showed us that the majority of common period care products like traditional sanitary napkins, tampons, and devices like menstrual cups, are normally made of plastic and other harmful substances that may cause health issues to women in the long run.

"Some period products cause rashes and irritation to sensitive, intimate areas from the first use, while others are responsible for infertility and hormonal issues.

"Moreover, these products take over 500 years to decompose, posing a serious threat to the world we live in. With billions of women menstruating every year, finding a new, sustainable period product has become a pressing need. This is how LiZZOM was born."

Why Choose us?

Better Menstrual Health

All-natural, chemical-free products made from natural ingredients

Choose Good, Feel Good

Products that are good for you and for the environment

Transparent and Honest

Products are certified chemical-free with no hidden ingredients or taboos

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Organic Ultrathin Sanitary Pads

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