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Perifit Breast Pump (Pre-Orders Only)

The Perifit Pump is a hospital-grade, hands-free breast pump designed for modern mothers seeking efficiency, comfort, and the freedom to multitask while pumping.

The pump features a closed pumping system that ensures hygiene by allowing milk to travel a direct route from the breast to the bottle, all while using BPA-free materials for safety.

With powerful suction up to 300mmHg, comparable to traditional hospital-grade pumps, the Perifit Pump operates discreetly, making it ideal for use anywhere.

About Perifit

In an industry that’s long ignored the well-being of women, Perifit combines creativity and technical mastery to finally offer women the products that they deserve.

"It's about time we break the taboos surrounding feminine health and help those affected by disorders or antiquated solutions regain control of their lives and find confidence within.

"Perifit offers innovative products that not only solve some pretty painful and uncomfortable problems such as pelvic floor disorders and breastfeeding, but also empowers women by having once-taboo conversations.

"Perifit offers a range of innovative products designed to improve women's health and wellbeing. Our lineup includes Perifit Care and Perifit Care+ for pelvic health, and Perifit Pump for breastfeeding."

Perifit Products in the UAE are Exclusively Sold by Alpha Health Trading Co. L.L.C.

Why Choose us?

Flexible Flange

Innovative flexible silicone flange produces a gentle compression

Comfortable Fit

Soft and non-abrasive silicone more comfortable for you and your nipples

One-Piece Design

No wires, no tubes, no fuss. Only 5 dish-washer safe parts

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Perifit Breast Pump (Pre-Orders Only)

AED 649

Original price was: AED849.Current price is: AED649.Add to Basket

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Perifit Breast Pump (Pre-Orders Only)
Original price was: AED849.Current price is: AED649.
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