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How Does Sleep Apnea Affect you During Pregnancy?

By Dr. M. Pradhan
Many women have trouble getting a good night’s sleep while they’re pregnant. The morning sickness, fatigue, and the general discomfort of being pregnant leaves many women struggling to get some good quality rest. Moreover, women who are obese are more susceptible to sleep apnea: where women suddenly stop breathing while sleeping. This condition usually goes undiagnosed and can increase the risk of delivering a preterm baby by more than double. You could possibly have sleep apnea if you’re answering yes to two or more of the following questions: 
  • Do you snore very loudly? In a manner that can be heard outside of your room?
  • Do you feel fatigued during the day?
  • Has anyone seen or heard you not breathing while you were sleeping? 
  • Do you suffer from high blood pressure? 
  • Don’t ignore the your intuition if you feel you’re suffering from sleep apnea!

This chronic condition is as bad for you as obesity or heart disease. Make sure you get a prompt diagnosis and treatment. 


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