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Drain Dollies Bags for Post Mastectomy Surgery TM
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These custom-made adjustable bags provide a safe and discreet place for your drains, and come in a range of beautiful patterns. 

Drain Dollies look just like tote bags (really pretty ones!), so you can carry your drains discreetly in public without feeling embarrassed.

If you're having breast cancer surgery, you may be sent home from the hospital with one or more drains to collect lymph fluid. Having an armful of tangled tubes can be pretty uncomfortable, and worrying about snagging them, showering with them and wearing them out and about can make it hard to feel like you're getting back to normal after surgery.

Drain Dollies fit comfortably over your shoulder without needing to lift your arms to place drains in the bag. Each bag has an adjustable strap to hold your drains at a comfortable height, and you can fit more than one drain in each bag if you need to.

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