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At Nabta, we are reimagining women's health

Nabta Health is a disruptive technology company building a decentralised, patient-centric healthcare platform for women in emerging markets.

By combining the best of digital and traditional healthcare along clinical pathways, Nabta Health provides personalised, holistic healthcare to women across four health verticals - health, fertility, pregnancy and menopause.

Nabta Health's objective is to accelerate the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic diseases in women - in the context of specific health goals, and in an affordable and accessible way.

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Building a more diverse and equal healthcare system

We believe that women deserve better healthcare. Excluded from clinical trials until 1994, today women are still 50-75% more likely than men to suffer adverse reactions to drugs.

Our woman-centric model of care, built for so-called "minority populations", is designed to eliminate the systemic gender and racial biases in healthcare.

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Struggling with PCOS, PMS or other chronic conditions? We can help.
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Goal-oriented care that comes to you

Our platform is designed to give women 24/7 access to holistic healthcare, offering virtual, remote, and in-clinic care options.

Plug-and-play clinical pathways

We hand over to clinicians at the point of diagnosis, giving them freedom to spend time formulating personalised treatment plans.

Built for emerging markets

Our AI is trained using data from women in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Care options and delivery mechanisms are all market-appropriate.

Healthcare built around you and your health goals

Proactive, personalised support for women across four verticals


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Struggling to get back into shape?

We know what that feels like 🙄

We combine data from 300+ sources with data about your menstrual cycle, to give you unique insights into your health. Struggling with PMS, painful periods, or chronic fatigue? We can help.


Trying to start a family?

We're here for you 🤗

We offer customisable cycle tracking options to give you accurate insights about your menstrual cycle. Worried about irregular cycles, PCOS, or infertility? We help you get to the heart of the problem, faster.


Expecting a baby or newly postpartum?

We couldn't be more excited for you! 😍

We provide 24/7 access to evidence-based support for mothers-to-be. With risk-based clinical pathways for women with hormone diseases, and women who are at-risk of mental health issues pre- and postpartum.


Brain fog? Sudden bursts of rage?

It could be the perimenopause 😅

If you're living with chronic conditions such as hypothyroidism, PMDD, or diabetes, menopause can be a challenge. We offer holistic health support outside of a clinic to help you take back control.

Powered by technology, we are making personalised healthcare affordable and accessible for women

Whoever you are

Our goal-oriented hybrid healthcare platform empowers you to identify and manage chronic diseases, and personalise your care, no matter your age or stage.

Wherever you're from

Trained using data from underserved populations, our platform is designed exclusively for women from emerging markets, for the first time.

No matter how mobile

Facilitated by a network of evidence- and value-based healthcare providers, we offer virtual and remote care options to provide access to all.

Prioritising what matters

Our platform affords women privacy, autonomy, convenience and community, courtesy of a network of local partners committed to female empowerment.

Informing your decisions

Our personalised advice is based on the latest scientific research, with all partners vetted for clinical data quality and claims' accuracy upfront.

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A healthcare company built by women for women

Nabta was born with the aim of reimagining women's health across emerging markets.

We are building a health and wellness platform that can be accessed by women anytime, anywhere.

We are building for us, for our daughters, and for the women who suffer as a result of systemic biases every day.

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Backed by experts in women's health and emerging markets

"Raising the bar for women's healthcare"

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Nabta is such a unique platform as it focuses on different areas of women’s health by incorporating conventional and digital healthcare. I believe that there is a knowledge deficit particularly regarding women’s healthcare in the Middle East. I sense that women don’t feel comfortable asking their healthcare provider questions as it is considered a taboo by some.

Manar M.

Being a woman and a mother, I think women’s health needs more attention, a more elaborate approach and focus. The mission and value statements of Nabta Health were very on point with the values I have deep inside of me and made me feel empowered just reading them... a very optimistic platform that can take women’s health to another level.

Sara O.

As an Arab female in the Arab world, it is extremely hard to get the needed support to overcome what a female is going through... because of the cultural norms and traditions. Having a platform that helps females get more comfortable with their bodies, periods, pregnancies, and menopause experiences is what females everywhere really need at these times.

Aseel A.

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